Bird Netting "Extruded" 3m x 6m


This Bird Netting is specially created to produce a lightweight durable extruded mesh that will keep the birds off your home grown vegetables. The mesh size of 5mm x 5mm should also be favourable for bees to pollinate. 

Protects Against: pigeons, crows, game, domestic pests & weather.

Mesh Statistics:

  • Mesh Size: 5mm x 5mm

  • Weight: 30g m2

  • Colour: Black  

  • All nets are UV Stabilized


3m (9.81ft) wide x 6m (19.62ft) long  

Wondermesh Bird Netting can be used all the year round from sowing & planting right up to harvest. Lie the net flat over the bed or suspended over a frame allowing enough slack for the growth of the crop, bury the edges, secure with pegs or sandbags ensuring there are no gaps. 

Remember not to cover plants during flowering if they depend on pollination by bees & insects.

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