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InsectGuard netting kit Contains (SALE!! - WAS £173.84 NOW £118.84 Inc VAT)

1   x  InsectGuard medium netting measuring 3.65m x 10m.    
10 x  Vegetable Frame Hoops          
20 x  Net Securing Clips & 20 x WM Pegs

You can buy extra clips & frames if you require more.

Wondermesh self supporting Netting & Fleece frames are a great alternative to a standard vegetable frame. 

Simply push the frames into the ground with your foot using the cross bar until the bar reaches the soil, space as required in a row or desired shape & then simply drape the chosen cover over the frame & clip into place using our clips (the clips make the frame more secure & the cover a lot easier to fit & handle). Once clipped into place secure at the bottom, there are several different methods:

  • Secure with sand bags - excellent if you are looking to get under the net often.
  • Secure with WM Pegs -  The pegs will hold the net firmly & are extremely robust. 
  • Secure with soil - Simply dig a trench place the cover in the trench & cover with soil.
As you are not restricted by a standard construction & dimensions of a vegetable cage our frames will adapt with your garden.   

Each frame measures -  H: 1m, W: 19.5cm, D: 6mm 

Constructed from  - 6mm galvanised steel

Remember not to cover plants during flowering if they depend on pollination by bees & insects.

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